Your recreational drone flight could be put on hold for a bit as the FAA releases a new test. “TRUST” is FAA’s newest approach towards safe recreational drone operations. This Recreational UAS Safety exam will be put in place to evaluate pilots on their knowledge of important safety and regulatory information. In this post, we will discuss what TRUST means for recreational flyers, new rules for pilots, and where you can take the test.

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What is TRUST and how does it work?

As mentioned above, TRUST is the newest test by the FAA for recreational flyers on rules and safety information when flying drones. An FAA Approved Test Administrator of TRUST would provide you with the education and information for the test. Then after studying, you would take a multiple choice question test. However, unlike a normal test, you cannot fail this one. If you miss a question, you will be given the correct answer and asked to try again.

What does the TRUST test mean for recreational drone flyers?

The TRUST test affects drone pilots in many ways, especially recreational drone flyers. First off, after passing the test, you must carry a copy of the test certification with you at all times when flying your drone. Otherwise, you could be subjected to fines by the FAA or possibly jail time. Now, most likely you will not go to jail, but the FAA could fine you up to $1600.

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What happens after I pass the TRUST test?

Once you pass the test, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate will never expire, however, if you lose it, you will have to retake the test and obtain a new certificate. FAA or test administrator will not collect any information about you, so it will not be possible to reprint/reissue a test completion certificate. Keep the certificate on you at all times when flying your drone recreationally. You never know who could be watching you…

Where do I take the TRUST test?

The FAA has listed several Approved Test Administrators of Trust on their website. Any of these sites will take you to an approved site by the FAA where you can register to take the test right there and then. TRUST test is 100% FREE.

What are the new rules for recreational drone flyers?

While there aren’t any new rules for recreational drone pilots, you should always remember the rules for flying drones recreationally. Remember your no-fly zones and make sure to never operate a drone under the influence. For a full set of rules regarding recreational flying, check out the like here.

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Now you know all you need to know on how to get your drone back in the air in no time! Take the test, print your certificate, and put it in your wallet for safekeeping! And make sure to NEVER pay for a TRUST test! Stay safe out there flyers! 🙂

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