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One of the best and easiest ways to increase the overall quality of your video is to incorporate aerial footage. With drones, the ability to showcase one’s business from an aerial perspective gives customers the ability to see you in a new light. You’ve got a great company, so show it from all angles. From photography to videography, we utilize drone work to let others see your company in a truly cinematic way.

Why Drone Video?

Drone video is the best way to get affordable, bird's-eye view footage of your business. Until recently, if you wanted aerial footage of a landscape or skyline, you either rented a helicopter or you went to the highest roof you could climb on. Nowadays, we can’t imagine a world without drones! The pictures and videos from above not only make your business look better with minimal effort, but also creates a sense of professionalism.

aerial landscape photo of rolling plains

A Professional POV

Many companies understand the importance of video in their marketing efforts, which means it’s much harder to stand out from the competition. Drone footage can put your company on another level and make you stand out. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good drone shot

Professional looking drone footage can be tricky to get yourself. Drones with decent cameras start around $500 and there are many laws and regulations which could put your business in serious trouble without the proper certifications. Becoming a certified drone pilot can take up to six weeks and must be renewed every two years. Also, these tests can be extremely extensive and difficult to pass on the first try.

Drone Footage is Unique

Not your everyday Average Joe can fly a drone, and it can actually be pretty dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Many laws have passed over the years to restrict drone flight due to reckless behavior and the potential risk of an aerial accident

A drone pilot must understand where it’s legal to fly in certain areas (i.e. big cities, no-fly zones) and even ensure they don’t fly over individuals outside of drone operation. These laws make it difficult to capture a shot that meets the FAA guidelines for legal drone activity. Do it by the books, hire a certified drone pilot to get you a professional look, while keeping it safe and legal.

Commercial Drone Footage

Unless you’re using your drone footage for your own personal use, you cannot legally use any aerial footage from your drone in advertisement until you have a commercial drone license. The FAA requires you to pass an extensive test and register your drone every three years

Without this license, the government can penalize your business with a hefty fine and you may even face jail time. If you have a drone and want to shoot an advertisement for your business, don’t take the risk; hire a drone pilot!

Hiring a Drone Operator/Pilot

Luckily here at CFF Media, we have our very own drone operator in house! Check out our newest drone reel to see some of our work! We offer very affordable rates and competitive prices compared with other local Atlanta drone operators. 

When you want to take that next step with your video advertising efforts, contact CFF Media to help you capture drone footage that will leave your audience in awe.