We believe that the most valuable thing you can show your clients is an understanding of who you are. Customers that visit your website are drawn to your ‘About Us’ page because they want a glimpse of your business. Seize this moment! Help them clearly understand your company by telling your story first hand with an ‘About Us’ video from CFF!

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What are About Us Videos?

‘About Us’ videos are a lot like promotional videos, however, the subject of an ‘about us’ video is always about you and your company. Promotional videos might focus on a certain aspect of your company or even be used to promote a service or product you offer. With ‘About Us’ videos, they serve the purpose of answering three questions about your company: Who are you? What do you do? And why do you do it?

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Who, What, & Why?

Who, what, and why questions are key components when it comes to making ‘about us’ videos. Everyone has heard those three questions before because they give structure to what your company does and those behind it. Without them, the audience will have a hard time figuring out your true identity as a business. Remember, genuineness will always shine the brightest when promoting yourself.

Who: Representatives for Your Business

Who makes up your company? You and your employees should be front and center when addressing this question, however, this can easily become, “Who has your company served and who you are looking to serve.” Having satisfied customers answering this on your behalf can bring trusted validation to your efforts. Your customers know your company best, so make sure they are shown and recognized.

What: Showcase What Your Business Does

What does your business do? Take a moment and think about what your company does at its core. Sometimes this answer can become convoluted and even over-explained. People don’t need to see your step-by-step process as it can cause your audience to lose focus. What does your company offer to others and what value does it provide them? Be concise and most importantly, be honest.

Why: Purpose of Your Business

Last, but not least, “Why do you do what you do.” This is your chance to explain what drives your company and the reason for your company’s existence. The ‘Why’ gives you the perfect platform to be genuine and open with your viewers. Letting others see the life within your company can be heart-felt and even leave them feeling even more connected with your brand! Reaching someone on an emotional level is one of the most powerful persuasion methods.

Pro Tips When Planning Your About Us Video

Tip 1: Show Off Who Makes Your Company Special – No one wants to see boring footage of employees working at their desks or talking in a meeting together. Demonstrate who those people are by introducing them and giving them a platform to tell their story. That way an audience can instantly relate to a real person who makes an impact for your company. 

Tip 2: Be True to What You Do – Don’t ever over-exaggerate what you do or be too specific that it takes away from the main point of the video: your company. Be honest in telling your audience what your business does and make sure it can be understood. That way, you keep your viewers engaged and entertained for the whole video.

Tip 3: Use Emotion to Show Off the ‘Why’ – Emotions are one of the strongest drivers when it comes to persuading an audience. A viewer is much more likely to interact and eventually purchase from your company if you initiate an emotional response from them. Don’t just think about your morals, but your company’s morals as well. A great ‘About Us’ video incorporates an emotional connection that keeps your audience engaged.

Follow these tips then contact CFF Media to help you create a one-of-a-kind ‘About Us’ Video to grab the attention of prospective customers with stunning visuals to tell your story.