With a variety of services, such as video production and editing, CFF Media has played a pivotal role in the creation of numerous videos for a wide range of industries. From shooting testimonial videos for Hope in Recover to crafting About Us videos for Southcoast Health and Georgia Urology, CFF has helped various companies produce and edit different kinds of videos to help promote and market their business. With so many projects under our belt, CFF Media has an extensive inventory of projects that make us stand out from all of our competitors. Here are some of CFF Media’s most popular past projects.


Located in South Atlanta on McDonough Blvd, Carver Neighborhood Market is a grocery store that offers a variety of produce and vegetables such as strawberries, carrots, and even tomatoes. Carver Neighborhood Market utilized CFF Media’s services to produce an About Us video to help market their business to surrounding communities and demographics. With carefully blocked interviews of actual employees and managers, CFF Media was able to highlight Carver Neighborhood Market’s purpose. Overlapping these interviews with raw footage of the market, CFF Media put all of Carver Neighborhood Market’s produce and products in the forefront.

carver market logo in front of store


In 2021, the Atlanta Science Festival returned to the city of Atlanta with over 90 tours for kids and adults everywhere curious about science. To further promote and market this annual event, the Atlanta Science Festival went to CFF Media to produce a testimonial video for the city of Atlanta. The video used testimonials from people who attended the festival to highlight the many events and activities that the festival holds. With these testimonials overlapping footage of the actual festival, CFF Media was able to show the direct impact that the Atlanta Science Festival had on the community of Atlanta.

atlanta science festival banner


Once a year, the city of Atlanta holds the annual Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival acts as a block party for the community of Atlanta to explore the area of Brookhaven. With a variety of activities to partake in, such as live music, food and drinks, and even a kids zone, this festival is immensely popular among the citizens of Atlanta. Like the Atlanta Science Festival, this festival used the services of CFF Media to shoot a testimonial video in order to showcase the many activities the festival has to offer. Utilizing testimonials from real-life attendees, the video highlighted everything the festival had to offer.

cherry blossom festival logo


Divots Sportswear is a clothing store located in the heart of Atlanta on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. In order to better promote and market their brand, Divots Sportswear had CFF Media shoot and produce a promotional video. By highlighting the many products that the clothing store had to offer, the video resulted in an increase in sales and revenue, thus improving the store’s overall traffic and popularity within the community.

divots sportswear bryan nelson

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