Today, more and more businesses are utilizing video production to enhance their brand and marketing strategies. But how do you know if your videos are successful after you’ve posted them? Most business owners don’t know that videos are not only an effective marketing tool but can also help improve your SEO ranking for your website. But because of the amount of video content out on the internet, it can sometimes be challenging to get users to watch your video. Here are a few tactics that will help improve your company’s video SEO.


We’ve all heard the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” And even if we know the saying, we’re all guilty of breaking the rule every once in a while. Whether you’re scrolling through Youtube for mindless entertainment or searching for how-to videos to solve an issue, the first thing you see of any video is its thumbnail. Thumbnails are the tiny images that you click on to watch a video. Most video thumbnails are auto-selected. This can be harmful for various reasons, such as having a thumbnail image of a frozen frame or something unrecognizable to your consumer base. It’s best to use a thumbnail that completely represents what your video is about.

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Keyword research is crucial when creating any type of content for your site, especially when it comes to video. When publishing videos to your site, you will be able to use analytic software to track the success and traffic of your videos. This will help you decide what kind of videos work and which ones don’t. Keyword research is another way of optimizing your videos for search engines such as Google or Bing. It’s usually recommended that your video’s keywords should use four or fewer words. Longer keywords tend to go unnoticed by search engines and thus weaken your SEO ranking.

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Most users tend to watch videos out in public, which makes it harder to get your video’s message across. Adding video transcripts to your videos allows your users to watch your videos wherever they wish. Not only will captions make your videos more accessible, but they will also help broaden your outreach to deaf and hard-of-hearing users. Adding text to your videos helps search engines like Google recognize your site and its content.

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There’s a reason why social media platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat are so popular. They utilize ephemeral content that is short, concise, and, best of all, easy to watch. Your typical user has a weak attention span at best, so it’s important that you keep their attention as long as you can. Shooting and editing videos that are under the five-minute mark is preferably when it comes to adding videos to your website. Cutting any fluff from your video is an excellent way of trimming your video down to an appropriate length.

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