Most are shocked to believe that shooting high-quality video is a whole lot more than just pointing a camera at a subject and yelling “Action!” People fail to realize that there is a significant amount of time and preparation that goes into producing a video of higher quality. Whether you’re shooting a simple about us video for your business or a three-hour-long mob epic for the Academy, there’s a great deal of work that goes into video production. And to make something memorable, you must have the right equipment to shoot with. This includes your standard camera, boom mic, tripod, etc. But if you want to shoot for gold, you may need something more than your standard three-point lighting kit. Here are the essentials you need to produce high-quality videos.

The Camera

The most important piece of the puzzle. Without a camera, your videos would cease to exist. A camera is the centerpiece of every production, and for a good reason too. Without it, you’re left with nothing but a stage, some props, and a few under-qualified actors being paid way too much. Most videographers become too overeager and set out to buy the most expensive camera known to man. And while this won’t necessarily hurt the quality of your video if you have the budget for it, most of us don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars just lying around to be spent. Contrary to popular belief, you can shoot professional-looking videos with cheaper cameras such as DSLRs. With the right equipment and a little creativity, you could even get away with shooting on your smartphone. Starting with the right camera will determine how smoothly your shoot will go, so it’s important to spend enough on a decent enough camera without blowing your entire budget on a single piece of equipment.

videographer operator with professional camera equipment

Lighting Kits

So you’ve finally settled on a camera. Hopefully, you haven’t blown through your budget yet and can now purchase some lights to illuminate your subjects. Lighting is an incredibly essential component of producing high-quality videos because without it you’ll end up with boring-looking shots and static production value. Most beginning videographers start with your typical three-point lighting kit that consists of one key light to illuminate your subject head-on, a fill light that will fill in the rest of the space between your camera and your subject, and finally, a backlight to get rid of any extra shadows. While not quite as important as your camera, lighting is essential to the success of your video and should be chosen with extreme care and consideration.

modern photo studio with professional equipment

Camera Lenses

A camera is rendered useless without a pair of lenses. With various options to choose from, lenses give your shots a particular style and flare. Whether you want a trippy look with fish-eyed lenses or make your subject seem further away with a pair of wide-angle lenses, a camera lens is incredibly important for capturing a specific look and feel you want in your video. You can also take this idea further by customizing your lenses with particular filters and covers. The possibilities are endless, but the one certain thing is that you will need a few different pairs of camera lenses.

camera lenses

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