Anamorphic Budget Filming and Editing


Hi, my name is Jack Saunders and I am the Cinematographer at CFF Media. Today, I will be discussing the intricate side of anamorphic filming. This will be a more technical article stemming from the “It’s All In The Lens: Anamorphic Vs Spherical” blog post. We will be discussing anamorphic filming on a budget, filming in the field, and editing. Let’s…

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It’s All In The Lens: Anamorphic vs. Spherical

digital camera and lenses

When it comes to the art of cinematography, nothing is more important than the choice of lens. From the depth of field to the aspect ratio, everything relies on the choice of lens. But with so many options and so many formats to choose from, how do you make the right decision for the look…

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Improving Your Website With Video

videographer on set behind the camera

Everyone loves a good video. Whether it be a film or a ten-minute video, we all love video content. But we’ve all used this art form up as just entertainment when it can be used for so much more. Through compelling video, you’re likely to convert new customers to your business and site while also…

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