4 Reasons to Film Your Next Corporate Event

video camera set to record an audience in a conference hall seminar event

Corporate event videography is a great way to show the world a side of your company people usually don’t get to see. It can be used as potential marketing material all while giving your brand a personal touch. However, producing a poor-quality video can turn off future employees or even worst, potential clientele by painting…

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Best Editing Software

male videographer using a computer editing software

They say that a video only fully comes together in the editing room. This is where your video begins to take its final form and becomes a work of art instead of just a few clips strung together. The entire editing process is the most crucial part of video creation. So, wouldn’t you want to…

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How to Make Your Videos Look More Professional

filmmaker conducting an interview behind the camera

When it comes to the world of business, odds are you’ve made a professional video or two before. Whether it be a testimonial video or a promotional video, more and more companies are utilizing the use of video to further promote themselves. But to find any success within your videos, they must be up-to-par and…

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5 Tips to Becoming a Video Professional in a Corporate World

videographer filming business meeting

Corporate videography can be great for networking and also a very lucrative source of income. The relationships gained through this professional network can provide work for your business for years and grow your portfolio to attract new corporate clients in the future. However, being a video professional in a corporate environment can be intimidating and one…

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CFF Media’s Wide Range of Services

cff media wooden led sign in the front waiting room

Within any business, the product or service is what speaks to the customer. Without a service or product to sell, a company is nothing more than an idea without a cause. Within this day and age, a business amounts to nothing more than the services it offers. And when it comes to the world of…

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How to Shoot a Great About Us Video for Your Business

three people making a demonstration video

So you’ve decided to start your own business. You’ve discovered the perfect idea for a product or service. You’ve saved enough to start. You’ve even already ordered a deck of fancy business cards. Everything’s perfect. Well, almost perfect. Now you have to get your business out there for people to know about it. And what…

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Creating Captivating Promotional Videos

young woman filming a make up review

In today’s day and age, marketing and branding is everything when it comes to having a successful business and a successful site. And it’s easy to get lost within the convoluted terminology and the complexity of digital marketing when you’re just trying to get your business off of the ground. There is an assortment of…

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How to Shoot High Quality Testimonial Videos


Within the world of marketing, video is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It has the power to unite us, bring us together, and show us new ideas and places. It has the power to teach us ideals and show us the world. So with this unlimited potential, why wouldn’t you utilize this art…

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Anamorphic Budget Filming and Editing


Hi, my name is Jack Saunders and I am the Cinematographer at CFF Media. Today, I will be discussing the intricate side of anamorphic filming. This will be a more technical article stemming from the “It’s All In The Lens: Anamorphic Vs Spherical” blog post. We will be discussing anamorphic filming on a budget, filming in the field, and editing. Let’s…

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