5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Testimonial Videos

man sitting behind two cameras

Testimonial videos are one of the best conversion tools marketers have when trying to convince someone to become a customer. They are fast, effective, and easy to consume which in the world we live in today, where everyone is going 1000 miles per hour, is a huge positive. Most likely your business has plenty of…

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Recommended Gear for Your Camera

dslr on a tripod

Your videos are only going to be as strong as the camera you shoot them with, and a camera is only as strong as the gear you match it with. While your choice of camera plays a vital role in the overall quality of your video, your camera can’t shoot high-quality video without the right…

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How to Shoot Videos Remotely

positive guy recording video blog on camera at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way every industry conducts business, especially when it comes to video production. From studio production shutdowns to outright canceled or shelved productions, the video industry has dealt with many setbacks. But in this dire time, the industry has persevered and has discovered a number of solutions to fight…

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TRUST Drone Test: A Guide for Recreational Drone Pilots

young technician flying drone with remote control

Your recreational drone flight could be put on hold for a bit as the FAA releases a new test. “TRUST” is FAA’s newest approach towards safe recreational drone operations. This Recreational UAS Safety exam will be put in place to evaluate pilots on their knowledge of important safety and regulatory information. In this post, we will discuss…

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Helpful Tips For Shooting Video on a Budget

home budget financial planning

It should come as no surprise that shooting a video can be a pricy production (sorry, bad pun.) From the hefty prices of camera equipment such as lighting and lens to the day-to-day costs of average production, shooting a high-quality video can be a costly investment. When you’re starting out in the world of video…

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Improving Your Company’s Video SEO

seo or search engine optimization concept

Today, more and more businesses are utilizing video production to enhance their brand and marketing strategies. But how do you know if your videos are successful after you’ve posted them? Most business owners don’t know that videos are not only an effective marketing tool but can also help improve your SEO ranking for your website. But because…

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Best Photography and Videography Rental Sites

screenshot of cff media peerspace booking page

Renting a space for videography and photography can be a perfect way to serve your clientele without having to provide your own space. As previously mentioned in our last blog post, studio rentals can be a great way to network and very lucrative for your small business. There are plenty of websites to choose from when…

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5 Rules to Remember When Flying Drones (Drone Laws)

drone quadcopter with digital camera

Flying drones is one of the best and most affordable ways to capture stunning videos of your business. However, flying a drone without proper knowledge of the rules or basic flight training can result in fines or permanent damage to the drone. Follow these rules the first time you fly your drone so it won’t…

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