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CFF Media is directed by a team of production professionals, who create stunning, tailor-made video content with creative concept designs that relay your company's values and generate results. Collectively, our team will provide a comprehensive plan, innovative design, and exceptional delivery to any project. Using our ingenuity, we personify a wide variety of clients from corporations to small businesses alike through video branding. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting and personal relationships with our clients.

The mission of CFF Media is to communicate your company’s values through stunning visuals and creative design. We strive to tailor each project to best embody each company’s media vision.

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Our Team

A headshot of Jack Saunders

Jack Saunders

Cinematographer / Editor
A headshot of Kameron McConnell

Kameron MCConnell

Marketing Director
A headshot of James Rollins

James Rollins

Project Coordinator / Editor
A headshot of Joe Rollins

Joe Rollins

Creative Director